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The Colombus Adventure

Contribute to a professional and human adventure

Colombus Consulting, a Mission Company, is committed to a responsible and sustainable consulting approach. Therefore, joining our consulting firm is primarily about integrating a team committed to common values and convictions.


Our commitment also aims at work-life quality and professional development of our employees.


Working on diversified missions and enhancing their skills on impactful subjects are part of their daily life! 

Internal worksites

Our colleagues have the opportunity to get involved in the life of the company in the form of participation in projects or internal "workshops" aimed at the development of the company and the stimulation of the firm

Each person, if they wish, can contribute to internal projects of very varied nature - business development, organisation of internal events, organising collective life, contributing to recruitment, leading sectorial press reviews...

The seminar

Every year, Colombus Consulting takes its employees to the beach, to the mountains, to the countryside for its annual seminar. The event is organised by a team of voluntary employees, each year vying for originality.


It's primarily a time of sharing and camaraderie enjoyed by the Colombusians.


The destination is always a well-kept secret until the day of departure!

Our premises

Colombus Consulting is established in France and Switzerland. The Paris office is located in the heart of the Champs-Elysées, and the Nyon office in Switzerland is situated between Geneva and Lausanne, closest to its employees and clients.


In Paris, we welcome you in renovated premises for a new collaborative experience promoting the sharing of experiences and exchange.


We aim to provide our employees and clients with a place of inspiration and learning to build the company of tomorrow together, in tune with the challenges of our society.

CSE and the sporting association

Many cultural or sporting events are organised by the Company Committee and the sports association. Theatre, opera, football nights, squash or ski weekends… all employees are invited to join these outings. We also participate in high-profile sporting events under the firm's colours: La Parisienne, the Half-Marathon…


These events provide consultants with opportunities to share and create their own internal network.

The advantages with us

Employee Participation

Colombus Consulting practises employee ownership so that our team members can partake in the company's success and they identify more with the company

Continuing Education

The training courses offered to our colleagues contribute to their professional development: both on topics of expertise and on skills related to the challenges of our society.


Our colleagues benefit from a coaching scheme that supports their professional development, their skill enhancement, and thus contributes to their fulfilment within the firm.


Colombus Consulting provides its employees with a corporate retirement scheme to assure their financial security for their future 


To support the daily commuting needs of our colleagues, Colombus Consulting fully reimburses their public transport subscription and provides them with electric bicycles: the Cococyclettes!

Team Life

Colombus Consulting places conviviality among its priorities, thus offering activities to foster a pleasant working environment and strengthen the bond between teams.

Professional career

Colombus Consulting offers you the opportunity to build your consulting career


The professional development of our colleagues is at the heart of our concerns. Our consultants have the opportunity to explore several industry sectors and develop their skills through diverse assignments with our clients.  The progression path at Colombus is punctuated by several stages, illustrated with testimonials from consultants representing the different grades within the firm:


Junior Consultant

As a junior consultant, you work with a variety of clients under the supervision of a mission leader and you actively contribute to the internal development of the firm 


Senior Consultant

Your consulting experience enables you to be autonomous in assignments, to develop your expertise, and to master the principles of communication of the firm towards your clients.


Senior Supervisor

This stage is a transition to the rank of Manager. The senior supervisor guides young consultants, carries the skills and commitments of the firm, and works independently on complex assignments.



Your career path now enables you to be a mission head and to manage your teams, tied in with your commercial objectives. Internally, you also act as a consultant coach.


Senior Manager

Both within the firm and amongst your clients, your expertise is acknowledged. Your experience enables you to develop numerous projects simultaneously and thus contribute significantly to the firm's prominence.

A recruitment process in 4 steps

The HR telephone exchange 

During this initial telephone exchange, which takes place ahead of other interviews, a HR representative will introduce you to the firm and its activities. We will be looking to understand your motivations and potential as a future consultant.


Benefit for you: getting to know the firm and its activities.

The plus for Colombus: getting to know the candidate and their motivations.


The recruitment process then continues through interviews with consultants of all ranks within the firm. An English test will be administered during one of these interviews.


The discovery meeting

This interview with one or more consultants from the firm will allow us to assess the suitability of your profile for the role to which you're applying.

We will appreciate the consistency of your academic and career paths, as well as your personality, your beliefs and your listening skills.


The bonus for you: Check the firm's suitability with your expectations.

The bonus for Colombus: Understand the candidate's history, skills and their expectations.

The interview with case study

During this interview, we will present you with a real mission project. In the case study, the candidate must demonstrate a problem-solving approach.

The result is not the most important aspect: your questions and logical reasoning are more important than the proposed solution, and the exercise does not require an in-depth knowledge of specific industries or processes.


The bonus for you: putting yourself in a situation to carry out a concrete case study, from a task at our clients'.

The bonus for Colombus: To evaluate logical reasoning around a problem.

The Validation Interview

Once all of the preceding steps have been successfully completed, one final exchange will allow us to confirm the candidate's motivations and potential as a future consultant at Colombus.

The perfect time too, for the candidate, to confirm your fit with the firm.


The plus for you: Affirming your decision to join Colombus.

The plus for Colombus: Confirming the candidate's motivations and potential.

Our sectors

Insurance and social protection

Assist the players in the industry to reinvent their operational models to meet current challenges

Bank and finance

Assist banking sector leaders in keeping their industry a profitable operational model and socially responsible

Energy and Environment

Assist energy sector leaders in responding to the challenges of the energy transition

High consumption

Accompanying major consumption players in new uses


Assist the players in the industrial sector in managing major transformation projects


Develop increasingly memorable experiences in an ever-changing environment


Assisting executives and leaders in the media sector in adapting their organisations to digital consumption habits


Assists players in the retail sector to adapt organisations to transformations related to the rise of digital usage

Public sector 

Guide public sector participants through their transformations, from the design of the service offer and organisation to the implementation


Support the players in Telecoms and adapt the organisations to economic and regulatory transformations


Assist the players in the transport sector to adapt their organisations to the change in context 

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The strong societal and environmental values of Colombus allow me to progress in a framework that aligns with current issues.


Junior Consultant

I take advantage of the expertise of my managers and mission supervisors every day.


Senior Consultant

 I have the opportunity to fully participate in the dissemination of the company culture via management.


Senior Supervisor

The firm enables me to be the preferred point of contact for my clients and to participate in the development of consultants.



The firm allows me to fully participate in the company's strategy.


Senior Manager

Colombus Consulting France


138, Ave. of the Champs-Elysées

75008 Paris

Colombus Consulting Switzerland


Crassier Road 7

1262 Eysins – Nyon


Recruitment Manager

Specialities: Banking, Finance, Insurance, Public Sector, New Work Methods, Real Estate

Juliette PONS

Recruitment Manager

Expertise: Energy, Environment, Transport, Industry, Marketing, Digital, Data, Human Resources

Mamady TALON

Recruitment Officer

Expertise: Banking, Finance, Insurance, Public Sector, New Work Methods, Real Estate


Recruitment Officer

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